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Ivory netsuke of a shishi and cub Tomotada (Active 1760-1780) An extraordinarily dynamic composition, the parent scratching, the young gambolling.  The ivory is carved with considerable relief and undercutting.  The eyes are all inlaid with dark pupils. Signed in a… Read More

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Ebony netsuke of a bat Horaku Flying, with its wings just touching above it.  The manner of carving the face, with inlaid dark horn eyes and single stroke for the mouth, are typical of Horaku. Unsigned Kyoto, circa 1820 Length:… Read More

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Walrus ivory netsuke of a hatching baku Sato Kanjiro (active 1890-1910) The small, slightly startled and bemused looking baku rests its forepaws on the edge of its shell, flames of energy licking around its sides, and wisps of clouds floating… Read More

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Ivory netsuke of Daruma Mitsusada Carved from a beautiful piece of ivory, Daruma looks straight ahead with a stern frown, his hands hidden within the voluminous sleeves of his robe.  He is bald apart from sparse stubble above his huge… Read More

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Large wood netsuke of a rat Tomokazu Its head raised slightly from the ground as it scents the atmosphere. The rodent’s paws rest on its long tail, which slinks into an S shape under its resting body.  The large ears… Read More

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