Max rutherston gallery in ealing

Much as we enjoyed being situated in the heart of London’s premier historic art district for ten years, the relocation to verdant Ealing has not been as painful or difficult as one imagined.

Apart from anything else, we had an average of 1 visitor per month in St. James’s after the arrival of that virus.

As we have had 5 visitors to Ealing in the less than two months before the latest lockdown, one could almost argue that the move has been good for business.  But that is not really the point.
All businesses have had to adapt rapidly to new ways of conducting their affairs, and it seems that we may have taken important steps in the right direction ahead of time.
Certainly our website is bringing us new clients all the time, many of whom have become friends and repeat purchasers.
Never Ealing netsuke gallery-max rutherstonbefore has the stock on our website been so up to date with reserves and sales being noted almost as soon as they are made, new stock being photographed and posted within 10 days or so of arrival.
Many clients appreciated the introduction of published price bands, and we are now in the process of reviewing those to make them narrower.
While we do not expect a flood of visitors to Ealing, our doors are open to those who wish to visit, when circumstances permit.  Till then, keep safe and well, and don’t lose sight of positive thinking.