Project Description

A Japanese Kamakura Period Lacquered Wood Figure of Amida Nyorai

Wearing a long robe draped over the remaining arm and falling in well carved folds, his gilt lacquered torso bare. The eyes are narrowed and downcast in a serene expression, with inlays of crystal; there is a crystal urna (Jap. byakugō) on his forehead and a similar incrustation in his hair. Despite the soot of centuries, the gilt decoration of the robes is still clearly visible in many places. The figure is hollow, the head and chest carved as a single separate element, the remaining arm is also carved separately and pegged to the sides
Kamakura period, 13th century 
Sculptures and paintings depicting Amida Nyorai became popular during the 12th century and were placed near the beds of dying devotees to bring them comfort. Although this figure has suffered, it is remarkable for preserving much of its original surface

Height 36.8 cm

With a radiocarbon report from RCD Lockinge confirming a date between 1179 and 1276

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