Project Description

A Lacquer and Silver Metsubushi, by Sano Tsunetada

Of typical form, the top decorated with a writhing dragon in hiramakie encircling a waka poem, the silvered copper mouthpiece incised with another dragon amongst scrolling clouds, silvered copper chain attached to a tamper and with a hook at either end

The underside signed in a rectangular reserve: sano tsunetada hatsumei kore wo tsukuru [invented and made by Sano Tsunetada]. Circa 1850
Overall Length: 8.3 cm

​The waka reads: ​mononofu no, kokoro o komete, fuku kaze ni, nabikanu mono no, arashi mozo omou [​With a warrior’s heart and soul, I think of the storm but my spirit does not waver in the blowing wind]

Metsubushi were weapons of self defence designed to blow toxic powder, ground glass or pepper at close range to blind or confuse an opponent. Another such object is illustrated in Ducros, Netsuke & ​Sagemono 2, p. 106