Project Description

A Rare Virtuoso Carved Bamboo Incense or Brush Holder by Hasegawa Ikko

The main body of bamboo, deeply carved with two adult tigers and three cubs, their eyes double inlaid with shell and dark horn, with some engraved rocks and sasa (bamboo grass), the leaves inlays of green stained bone. A cord attachment and ends of the case, including the hinged cap, are of iron with gold nunome-zogan karakusa.  A strip of tagayasan wood runs the whole length of the case from below the hinge of the cap

Signed on an inlaid ebony tablet: Ikko

Circa 1820

Length: 28.8 cm

There is a group of us who consider that Ikko’s larger sagemono, his pipe cases and tonkotsu, are on the whole far superior to his netsuke.  This one to me ranks with that with three large hares from the Gillot collection, published by S.L. Moss in their centenary catalogue ‘One hundred years of beatitude’