Project Description

An Ivory Netsuke of Ono no Tofu

Humorously represented being carried by a huge frog, shod in geta, its eyes large inlays of buffalo horn. The courtier clings uncomfortably to the amphibian’s back holding a folded umbrella.

Unsigned. Circa 1850

Height: 5.1cms


Ex collection Julius and Arlette Katchen, Paris

Rutherston & Bandini, London

Jacques Carré


A. Katchen, Netsuke 7, vol. 2, pp. 340-341, K748

This seems to bear some sort of iconographic relationship to a netsuke signed Oto and attributed to Otoman, illustrated in Lazarnick’s NIA, vol. II, p. 857.

Located in the European Union


Ref. RB1637