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Black Wood Netsuke of Gama Sennin, by Miwa

Looking distinctly savage, clutching a large toad to his waist, and holding a staff

Signed. Edo. Circa 1780

Height: 8.2 cm

Surely a relatively early work of the artist’s given its rough approach. The other known netsuke of this type is illustrated on the same page in Lazarnick’s book, but is better viewed in Goodall et al’s catalogue of the Bushell collection at LACMA (no. 50)


Willi Bosshard collection, acquired in 1978


G. Lazarnick, Netsuke and Inro Artists …., vol. 1, p. 793

Paul Moss and Max Rutherston, ‘Such Stuff As Dreams are Made on’, 2008, no. 54

Located in Europe

Price £12,000

Ref. no. 54