Project Description

Bone netsuke of a samurai threatened by a bakemono by Hasegawa Ikko 

The bakemono with the body of a badger and head of a ghoul rises threateningly above the warrior who goes to draw his sword, the bone dark stained with a plug to the crown of the ghoul’s head

Signed: Ikko. Circa 1820

Height: 5.6 cm


Michael Tomkinson collection (no. 1127)

W. Guest collection (no. 926/296?)

Walter Behrens collection

Mark Hindson collection, sold in his sale, Sotheby’s London, 11th October 1967, lot 278

Cornelius V.S. Roosevelt, bought at the Hindson sale and sold at Sotheby’s New York, 2nd June 1992, lot 115


Although traditionally described as stag antler, I am inclined to think this is bone


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