Project Description

Dark Stained Ivory Netsuke of Henmeisanrō Sekishū and Haijokai, by Anraku

An animated representation of Henmeisanrō Sekishū overpowering the cuckold monk Haijokai prior to killing him. Sekishū is one of the 108 Chinese rebel heroes of the Suikoden. The terrified monk is pinned down with one foot while Sekishū raises the brim of his broad hat to look furtively about for witnesses to his deed. He has disguised himself as a monk, with a large mokugyo hanging at his chest and a drumstick in his right hand

Signed: Anrakusai within a long irregular cartouche, suggestive of a dagger blade. Osaka. Circa 1860

Height: 5.1 cm

For an account of the episode and an illustration of the Kuniyoshi print which inspired the netsuke, see Inge Klompmakers, Of Brigands and Bravery, Kuniyoshi’s heroes of the Suikoden, Leiden 1998, p. 94-95.


Rutherston & Bandini, London

Jacques Carré


Rosemary Bandini, Japanese Netsuke, Inro and Works of Art, 2010, no. 7

Located in the European Union


Ref. B607