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This is one of the top items in the French collection of netsuke which can now be viewed in the turning page catalogue accessible through our home page

Rare Ivory Netsuke of a Dog and Spinning Top by Yamaguchi Okatomo

Slightly smaller than some Okatomo dogs, but for all that executed with loving attention, and blessed with the sweetest of expressions. Much of the original subtle inking has survived, and they eye pupils are of horn

Signed. Kyoto, circa 1790

Height: 3.4 cm


Sale, Sotheby’s New York, 6th October 1982, lot 21

Scholten Japanese Art, New York Spring 2002

Sydney L. Moss Ltd., London 2007


Burt Krouner, the fabulous Kyoto SCHOOL, in JINCS, 3/4 (March 1976), p.23, illustrated

Bulletin de l’Association Franco-japonaise,  n°75 (Hiver 2002), Scholten advertisement on the back cover