Project Description

Ivory netsuke of a ho-o bird by Kagetoshi 

An ivory netsuke of a phoenix standing on a branch of flowering kiri (paulownia), its left wing raised and its head looking around to the left, the tail feathers sweeping behind it.   

Signed on a rectangular reserve beneath: Kagetoshi.  Kyoto.  Circa 1830-60

4.2 cm across


Anonymous sale, Sotheby’s London, 29th October 1980, lot 427

Julius and Arlette Katchen collection, Paris.

Sold at their sale (part I), Sotheby’s London, 8th November 2005, lot 58, where purchased by the present owner


A. Katchen, Netsuke 7, vol. 1, pp. 94-95, no. K921