Project Description

Ivory netsuke of a hunter and monkey by Okatamo

The hunter stands with a grim face as he attempts to hold on to a mischievous ape that clambers round his shoulders. The huntsman wears a simple robe with a cloud design, a katana thrust into his belt behind him. His feet are shod in straw sandals and his head is covered by a rope-straw bonnet with a long tasselled fringe. The ape appears unfettered by the hands which grasp his tail and shoulder, reaching forward to grab at the tassels with a look of mischief. The details of the hair work are finely incised and coloured with a light stain

Unsigned. Kyoto, circa 1800

Height: 6.1 cm


Compare with a slightly more animated and slender version, unsigned, from the collection of Dr. Bamji, illustrated in George Cohen’s In Search of Netsuke & Inro, p. 42, no. 128. I have sold a variant signed Okatomo more similar to the present example