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Ivory Netsuke of a Persimmon Fruit, by Mitsuhiro

Naturalistically carved, the stalk forming the himotoshi. The netsuke is dark stained, as is usual for the artist and the school

Signed: Mitsuhiro with kaō. Osaka. Circa 1850

4.3 cm across


Anonymous sale, Sotheby’s London, 17th May 1966, lot 327

Mark T. Hindson, sold at his 6th sale, Sotheby’s London, 11th March 1969, lot 939

Eskenazi, London

Anonymous sale, Sotheby’s London, 16th November 1983, lot 6

Jacques Carré


N.K. Davey, Netsuke [Hindson collection], p. 46, no. 101

Located in the European Union


Ref. A217