Project Description

Ivory Netsuke of Edamame Beans by Mitsuharu

A pleasing arrangement of three beans, the green stained stalk neatly providing a means of attachment, one leaf incised with three small leaves

Signed. Kyoto, circa 1780

Diameter: 3.8 cm


Mark T. Hindson, sold at his Sotheby’s London part I sale, 26th June 1967, lot 25

L.T. Evans, purchased at the above sale and sold at Sotheby’s Honolulu, 16th January 1979, lot 139

Willi Bosshard, purchased at the above sale


Illustrated in Journal of the International Netsuke Collectors’ Society, 6/4, p.10, auction report

Paul Moss and Max Rutherston, ‘Such Stuff As Dreams are Made on’, 2008, no. 37

Located in Europe

Price £1,800

Ref. SS43