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Iwami Boar’s Tusk Netsuke with Centipede, by Tomiharu

The long centipede carved in high relief

Signed: Tomiharu with 3 seals, one of which reads tomiharu. Iwami, dated 1793

Length: 12.6 cm

The inscription reads: iwami shu kaaigawa seiyodo tomiharu kyonen rokujuissai nishite chokoku kore [wo] kokoni toki kansei mizunoto-ushi no natsu gogatsu nijuroku nichi nari [Iwami province by the Kaai river Seiyodo Tomiharu, aged 61, carved this. Kansei, summer of the year of the ox, 26th day of the 5th month]


Willi Bosshard, acquired in 1978


Paul Moss and Max Rutherston, ‘Such Stuff As Dreams are Made on’, 2008, no. 48

Located in Europe

Price £12,000

Ref. SS48