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From the French collection shortly to be published as a catalogue on this website.  Not for sale before publication

Rare Boxwood Netsuke of a Hare and Young, by Yamaguchi Okatomo

Huddled close together, the mother resting a paw protectively on the back of the buck leveret. The eyes of both are ivory or bone with pupils of mid toned translucent buffalo horn. Natural himotoshi
The Okatomo signature is generally considered to have been added later. Kyoto. Circa 1800
Length: 5.2 cm
This netsuke is familiar to many, not only for its publication by Raymond Bushell and Paul Moss (op.cit), but also because of the appearance on the London market of a poor copy, publicly denounced by Paul’s father Geoffrey in the Journal of the International Netsuke Collectors’ Society, 5/2, p. 38
R. Bushell, Collectors’ Netsuke”, p. 32, n° 24
Sydney L. Moss, Japanese Netsuke: Serious Art , n° 10
G. Wilhelm’s review of the Zurich exhibition, Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal, 8/1, pp. 42 and 44
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Illustrated in Michael Birch’s review of the Moss catalogue, Netsuke Kenkyukai Study Journal , 9/2, p. 26
B.K. Denton, Yokahama and St. Louis, 1971
St James’ Gallery, Zurich, 1988
Sydney L. Moss, London, 1989
European collection, 1989-2005
Sydney L. Moss, London, 2005, where purchased by the present French owner
Located in France


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