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Rare Ivory Netsuke of a Recumbent Greyhound, by Rantei

Sitting with a small haunch of venison in its jaws, its teeth bared defensively to warn off any claimants to its food.  The eye pupils are inlays of dark horn

Signed beneath. Kyoto. Circa 1820

3.8 cm across

Lean hounds of this type are rare in the œuvre of Rantei, who at his best is a consummate netsuke-shi. Another in wood was sold at Lempertz, 12th/13th June 1992, lot 842, and reappeared subsequently at Galerie Zacke, Vienna, who included it in their 12th exhibition catalogue, 1993, no. 25. It is published in the INSJ, 13/2, p. 68 and in the next issue, p. 23. These two dogs are perhaps only inferior in the artist’s work to the astounding dog and stag struggling which was sold by Christie’s London, 14th October 1980, lot 90. Another noteworthy masterpiece by the artist is a wolf which was in Eskenazi’s Autumn 1984 exhibition, advertised on the back cover of NKSJ, 4/2

The netsuke is currently located in Germany so is in free circulation within the European Union


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