Project Description

Rare netsuke of a horse and groom, by Matsushita Otoman 

The horse covered in a saddle-cloth engraved with shippo design, being led on a halter by his groom, all on an oval base

Signed beneath: Otoman. Hakata, circa 1830

Height: 3cm

The tail restored


I can find only two Otoman netsuke of horses other than this previously unrecorded one.  The first is of Shoki mounted, his small horse with a bushy tail similar to that in the present netsuke.  See Barry Davies Oriental Art, The Robert S. Huthart Collection of Non-Iwami Netsuke, no. 135.  The other is in the famous group of Zodiac animals deposited at teh Rijksmuseum voof Volkenkunde, Leiden by Von Siebold, illustrated in the MCI, p. 628