Project Description

Small Three-case Inlaid Lacquer Inro by Tsuchida Soetsu

Decorated with a court carriage in gold takamakie with wheels and shafts in pewter, the slats of the side window in aogai, the moon on the verso is a shibuichi inlay. the ground is typical of Soetsu, roiro-nashiji with the nashiji largely rubbed away except around the inlaid elements

If the dating is to be believed, this is a very late work, made within two years of his death

Signed in full with a kaō and his age gyonen hachijusansai [83]. Circa 1743

Height 6.1cm


Vente ALS, 8th November 1964 (or 1967), lot 380

Vente Cognac, 10th December 1951, lot 84?

Other old collection or sale numbers 147 and 154