Project Description

Pale Boxwood Netsuke of a Rakan by Shugetsu I

Wincing as he applies burning moxa to his leg

Signed on the strap of his robe: shugetsu tsukuru. Circa 1800

Height 4.2cm


Albert Brockhaus, Netsuke, 1909, p. 335, no. 185, listed, illustrated in colour on pl. 35

Eskenazi, Japanese netsuke from the Carré collection,1993, no. 46


Edmond and Jules de Goncourt, sold at their sale, Maître Duchesne (expert Siegfried Bing), Hôtel Drouot, Paris, 8-13th March 1897, lot 938, the artist listed quaintly as Chioughétsu

Albert Brockhaus, bought at the above, and sold at Christie’s London, 25th November 1980, lot 114

Jacques Carré, purchased from the above