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Stag Antler Netsuke of a Bat by Hoshunsai Masayuki

One wing, extended, the other partly folded, clasping a cluster of three reishi fungus. One third of the netsuke is the porous part of the antler

Signed in a sunken oval reserve: Masayuki. Circa 1870

Height: 3.3 cm


Australian private collection, bought in Sydney NSW


Compare with four unsigned stag antler bats attributed to Hoshunsai Masayuki, see Sydney L. Moss Ltd., ‘Kokusai the Genius’, vol. III, pp.78-83. The fungus on the underside of no. 377 has similar incisions to those on the present netsuke. A signed example was in the third Katchen sale at Bonhams London, 6th November 2018, lot 120


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