Project Description

Stained Ivory Musozutsu Ensemble 

Pipe case: carved with a meticulous repeat pattern of waves. Unsigned. 22 cm

Ojime: copper bead with applied gold and shakudo pine and bamboo, signed: Ittetsu saku, with a date equivalent to 1864.  1.7 cm

Pouch: Worn leather with stamped design of a hirsute creature on a branch

Maekanagu: Ascetic by a rock in gold, copper and shakudo, signed Yoshinobu, silver gilt backplate with lotus on water

Pipe: Gold fittings, engraved with kiku over repeat patterns; stem of bamboo, unsigned


E.A. Wrangham, Alnwick (no. 2302)


The kanamono is by Nagahama Yoshinobu, pupil of Toshiyoshi and Tanaka Kiyotoshi