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Stained Ivory Netsuke of a Tiger and Cub by Okatomo

The male parent licks itself and holds a paw protectively over its young, which scratches as it looks up. The parent’s eyes have inlaid horn pupils, one red, one black

Signed: Okatomo. Kyoto, circa 1780

Length: 4.4 cm

Compare with variants by Okatomo and Tomotada in the Eskenazi catalogue of the Emiel Veranneman collection, Japanese netsuke, ojime and inrō from a private European collection, 1998, nos. 107 and 108


Willi Bosshard collection


Paul Moss and Max Rutherston, ‘Such Stuff As Dreams are Made on’, 2008, no. 23

Located in Europe

Price £23,000

Ref. SS23