Project Description

Stained Ivory Netsuke of Nitta no Shiro

Wearing the distinctive straw hat of a Japanese hunter, the hero sits astride the overthrown boar, pinioning it and immobilising it by holding a fore and hind leg

Unsigned. Kansai, circa 1780

Height: 4.5 cm


Willi Bosshard collection, acquired in 1978


Joy Epstein, Portrait of a Collector: William (Willi) Bosshard, in Netsuke Kenkyukai Society Journal, 3/1 (1983), p. 26, fig. 3, illustrated with another netsuke of the same subject in mirror image

Paul Moss and Max Rutherston, ‘Such Stuff As Dreams are Made on’, 2008, no. 30

Located in Europe

Price £7,800

Ref. SS30