Project Description

Two part ivory manju netsuke with Rakan by Ikkosai Kojitsu

Carved in shishiaibori, with inlaid metal, nephrite and shell ear-rings; the reverse with waves

Signed: Ikkosai Kojitsu with kaō. Circa 1880

Diameter: 4.64 cm


Purchased from Josette Schulmann by the present French owner


This is a common model for the Ikkosai school of artists, including also Horaku (an example illustrated in the MCI, p. 192) and Kojitsu For a detailed discussion of artists named Ikkosai, see G. Rimondi, ‘Combien de Ikkosai?’, in INSJ, 39/2, in which he illustrates variants by Kojitsu (p. 23) adn Kosai (p. 26)