Project Description

Walrus Ivory Otoshizutsu by Ishikawa Rensai (Active 1870-1900) 

The stained length of tusk displaying much of its crystalline core, expertly carved with a kingfisher on a lotus stem looking down on a small frog sheltering in a large leaf.  One side is minutely inscribed with five columns of script.  The cord attachment is integral to the pipe case, carved as a furled lotus leaf

Signed: Rensai. Tokyo, dated 1874

20 cm


Rutherston and Bandini Ltd., London, 2011


Four and a half columns of the inscription are made up of the 284 characters of the entire Heart Sutra, followed by the words kinoe-inu haru no hi kendō sensei no tame rensai kinsen [respectfully carved by Rensai for Kendō sensei on a spring day in the year of kinoe-inu]