Project Description

Wood Musozutsu Ensemble 

Pipe case: blond wood, some areas left in unworked rough state, rather as with stag antler kiseruzutsu, inlaid with nandina in Shibayama style inlays of stained ivory, umimatsu, shell, tortoise-shell and turquoise. Gold mounts. Signed on a shell tablet: Sōmei.  21.6 cm

Ojime: large plain jadeite bead. 2.1 cm

Pouch: striped calico, sealed

Maekanagu: shibuichi frog with gilt and shakudo details, signed Mitsunaga. Gold backplate engraved with tadpoles, signed Hakusanshi kore (wo) koku [Toyokawa Mitsunaga, 1851-1923]

Pipe: Gold and copper fittings, inlaid with a simple tama-like mon (?), stem of bamboo


E.A. Wrangham, Alnwick (2306)