Project Description

Wood netsuke of a tiger by Tametaka 

Lying with its head resting on its front paws, the right hind leg raised, and the tail running along the ground. the markings of the coat are incised and the himotoshi are very large

Unsigned. Nagoya, circa 1800

5.9 cm long


Julius and Arlette Katchen, Paris


The subject was a favourite one of the artist, and they are all differently composed, much to his credit.  Compare for example with two in Moss, ‘Eccentrics in Netsuke’, pp. 76-77, nos. 47 and 48 (the latter formerly in the Katchen collection), as well as one in Gould, illustrated on p. 131


Arlette Katchen, Netsuke 7, vol.2, p. 375, no. K301

Bonhams London, The Julius and Arlette Katchen Collection of Fine Netsuke: Part III, 6th May 2018, lot 46