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Wood Netsuke of a Tiger by Sadanobu

Holding a folded length of bamboo with its front paws and gnawing on it. The stripes are well rendered by incised reserves in an otherwise well worked coat, the eyes are buffalo horn inlays, typical of the school

Fuld lists only 18 netsuke by this very talented follower of Naito Toyomasa. Of these 2 are a dragon and tiger, and 2 are tigers gnawing on bamboo, though in fact he was, as often, mistaken, giving two entries for the same netsuke. This is a new discovery

Signed. Tamba. Circa 1830

Width 3.8cm


Compare with the netsuke mentioned in the note, illustrated in:

The Meinertzhagen Card Index, p. 689, reproduced in line drawing

Scholten Japanese Art, Expressions of Style, Netsuke as Art, no. 121

A. Katchen, Netsuke 7, vol. 2, pp. 164-165, no. K313