Project Description

Wood Pipecase and Pouch by Nagigawa Tesso

Made from a nicely figured wood, well carved with Benten seated comfortably atop lotus flowers above water, her dragon on the verso, all lightly stained in colour

Signed at the end of a long inscription: kamakura kaikozan soan ni oite tsukuru [made at the thatched studio at the Kaikozan, Kamakura] Tesso with seal. Early 20th century

The pipecase: 20.5 cm long

Attached to a suede pouch with a kanamono in the form of a bottle beside a sword in gilt iron, signed on the reverse Jindai, and with a lacquer ojime

Nagigawa Tesso was a student of Kano Tessai and made a number of kiseruzutsu in his master’s style. His dates are unknown but he is recorded as still living in 1936. The Kaikozan of the inscription is another name for the Hasedera temple