Project Description

Wood netsuke of a Shishi by Hoshin

A muscular short-legged creature seated on its hind quarters with hind legs splayed, and turning with an alarmed expression accentuated by the double-inlaid eyes of dark pupils within bone surrounds. It is a mass of muscle and hair

Signed on a slightly raised oval reserve beneath: Hoshin Kyoto, circa 1780

Width 5.0cm


H.Joly, W.L. Behrens Collection, Part I, Netsuke, no. 2636, illustrated on pl. XXXV

F. Meinertzhagen, The Art of the Netsuke Carver, 1956, no. 40 (illustrated)

The Meinertzhagen Card Index, p. 197, illustrated, with the effusive comment: “An outstanding masterpiece …. of superb workmanship, full of power and movement and beautifully carved in every way, the equal of any animal ‘netsuke’ in my collection”

A. Katchen, Netsuke 7, vol. I, pp. 86-87, no. K431


Walter Behrens

Frederick Meinertzhagen, London, 1955

Julius and Arlette Katchen collection, Paris

Peter Pfeiffer, Germany


Embassy of Japan, London, In a Nutshell, no. 93 (illustrated p. 55 in the catalogue)