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Dressed to Impress – Netsuke and Japanese Men’s Fashion

Today Max will give an informal lecture in the British Museum’s Room 3 for the new temporary exhibition Dressed to Impress: netsuke and Japanese men’s fashion. The free exhibition is open from the 19th June to 17th August 2014.

Visit the British Museum’s official website for more information.

Image 1: Silver turtle netsuke, made by Kikugawa in Japan, late 1880s
Image 2: Sleeping rat netsuke, made by Masanao of Kyoto, Japan, late 1700s
Image 3: Netsuke of a Chinese couple playing a flute, Unsigned, Japan, about 1700
Image 4Goldfish netsuke, made by Masanao I of Ise, Japan, early 1800s

Copyright: British Museum, 2014

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