Netsuke Prices

For some time now we have been conscious that it must be bewildering for visitors to our
website not to see prices for our netsuke and other stock.

That we do not post prices is not part of some cynical manipulative process;
rather a simple commercial decision that we do not wish competitors, who themselves do not post prices,
to know all that we are up to.

Anyone who visits the gallery will know that at least 90% of our stock is labelled with a price.
The 10% is only excepted because we spend most of our lives struggling to catch up with a
myriad tasks.

We have nonetheless decided to make our stock searchable on the website by price band,
which we feel sure will be a welcome initiative.

The bands of netsuke prices we are introducing are below.

Our Price Bands

Just click any price band to see all available items. There is no need to remember the awkward Band reference numbers unless you wish to perform a search.

Pricing Band MX50

Everything up to £50

To see all Band MX50

Click Here

Pricing Band MR100

From £50 - £100

To see all Band MR100

Click Here

Pricing Band ML150

From £100 - £150

To see all Band ML150

Click Here

Pricing Band MA500

Up to £500

To see all Band MA500

Click Here

Pricing Band MB1K

From £500 - £1,000

To see all Band MB1K

Click Here

Pricing Band MC13

From £1,000 - £2,000

To see all Band MC13

Click Here

Pricing Band MJ23

From £2000 - £3000

To see all Band MJ23

Click Here

Pricing Band MD25

From £3,000 - £4,000

To see all Band MD25

Click Here

Pricing Band MK45

From £4000 - £5000

To see all Band MK45

Click Here

Pricing Band ME510

From £5000-£7500

To see all Band ME510

Click Here

Pricing Band MM710

From £7500 - £10,000

To see all Band MM710

Click Here

Pricing Band F1020

From £10,000-£15,000

To see all Band F1020

Click Here

Pricing Band N1520

From £15,000-£20,000

To see all Band N1520

Click Here

Pricing Band G2050

From £20,000 - £30,000

To see all Band G2050

Click Here

Pricing Band P3040

From £30,000-£40,000

To see all Band P3040

Click Here

Pricing Band R4050

From £40,000-£50,000

To see all Band R4050

Click Here

Pricing Band H50P

Over £50,000

To see all Band H50P

Click Here

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