Project Description

Ivory Musozutsu Ensemble 

Pipe case: well figured lightly stained ivory, the outer sleeve engraved with different varieties of maple leaf floating on Rimpa waves, stained gray to contrast with the leaves; the inner sleeve similarly engraved and stained with cherry blossoms and clouds. Signed: Hogyokusai with kaō and inscribed yoshino tatsu no zu [views of Yoshino and Tatsuta].  21.1 cm

Ojime: large ivory bead well engraved with Jurojin holding up a scroll inscibed fukujin [lucky god] and signed Hounsai. Height: 2.2 cm

Pouch: slubbed indigo cotton, stamped with a maker’s mark

Maekanagu: sentoku and silver citrus fruit, signed Hogen with kaō

Pipe: Gold fittings, carved with carp in water, signed Meiju koku; stem of bamboo


E.A. Wrangham, Alnwick (no. 2307)