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Brussels Art Square

Hats off to the Brussels dealers who came up with this original and clever formula to protect and promote the unique antiques and art area on and around the Sablon district of the old town. One of their initiatives is for members to invite a colleague from abroad dealing in a similar discipline to come and exhibit in their gallery in September. This year it is the turn of the Brits, and I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend Arie Vos of Kitsune Gallery in Rue des Minimes, and equally lucky to be in very distinguished company from other fields of the art market. So for a refreshingly short two days (26th and 27th), I shall be showing netsuke from my stock, supplemented by other works of art. Notable from the latter category are the Bizen pottery sculpture of Daruma, featured in a separate video on this blog, three spectacular ikebana baskets by well known makers, and a 17th century export lacquer cabinet which belonged to the Emperor Napoleon’s great curator, Dominique Vivant-Denon. It was exhibited in the Louvre’s exhibition about the “eye of Napoleon” in 1999.

Brussels Art Square Open House 2014, September 26-27, 2pm – 8pm

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